We are proud supporters of the Foundation for Excellence of the Walled Lake school system, and they recently launched their annual 50/50 Tuition Expedition raffle. Proceeds from this raffle help fund teacher grant requests for classroom improvements in the school district. We want to help them sell out this raffle and make as much money as possible for grant fulfillment, and if you would like to help out you can buy a ticket at our office. Details are below. 

  • We will be selling tickets at the branch for $50 each, or three (3) tickets for $100.
  • Only 1,000 tickets are for sale.
  • The grand prize winner may select to receive 50% of the proceeds to apply towards a student’s education in the form of a scholarship, or 40% of the proceeds payable to the winner in a lump sum.
  • Taxes will be withheld from the 40% payout, but are not withheld from the 50% scholarship option.
  • If the winner elects scholarship funds as the prize, those funds can be held for up to 20 years. 
  • Last year’s winner elected to take the scholarship funds, and received $10,300. The lump sum option would have paid $5,842.
  • This year there will also be a $1,000 second place winner.

The drawing will take place on March 20, 2023 at Walled Lake Western High School. These are great odds to win a large prize! If you would like to buy tickets for the raffle stop by the branch and see us, or email bfeldpausch@wlsefcu.com

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