In today’s world it is important to have a reliable Credit Card that works for you. Our Credit Cards don’t have any hidden fees or difficult fine print. We do not have annual fees or balance transfer fees. Our rates start out as low as 9.50% APR with generous credit limits available. You can use it like a normal card at the store, and you can add it to a mobile wallet to use with your phone. Plus, we have resources to help you deal with lost/stolen cards, as well as resources to help protect your card from unauthorized transactions.

If you have store credit cards from a retailer, or if you have credit cards issued by a bank, there is a good chance you have a very high interest rate. We are happy to sit down and review your current credit cards to see how we can help save you some money.

Lost or Stolen Cards

In the event that you lose a credit card, or if you see an unauthorized transaction, you may contact us at 248-624-5222 during business hours. If you need to report a lost card or an unauthorized transaction outside of business hours, please call 800-325-3678

If you contact the after hours number they will deactivate your current card, and provide you with a claim number. Please document the claim number and contact us at 248-624-5222 during business hours with the claim number to reissue a new card.   



EZ Card Info

EZ Card Info is like an Online Banking service specifically for your credit card. You create a username and password during your initial enrollment, and once you are in the system you can see your balance, transaction history and pending transactions. You have the ability to manage payments, view statements and set up alerts to make sure no unauthorized spending is taking place. If you have a Credit Card with us, log in to EZ Card Info and check out your account today!

Build Credit with a Secured Card

Plus, we even offer secured cards for new credit card users. If you have bad credit or no credit history, we can put you on the right path with a Secured Visa Credit Card. You simply make a deposit equal to the spending limit you would like set on the card. Once your credit score begins to improve we release the deposit back to you and we graduate you to our regular card program.

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