With as little as $5 you can open a Savings Account with us. Our Savings Accounts allow you to earn dividends and start building a nest egg, plus there are no monthly service fees. Whether you are saving for something specific or just trying to build up your savings, we have a few different options to help meet your goals.

Certificates of Deposit (CD's)

CD’s require a minimum deposit of $1,000, but allow you to earn higher dividends than a regular
Savings Account. You will select a term ranging from 6 months to 60 months to keep your money in the CD, and in return we offer higher interest rates on this product.

Christmas Club

We know expenses can add up quickly over the holidays. Our Christmas Club accounts are designed to help you save for the holidays all year long. You can make regular deposits, and as the holidays approach we transfer the funds to your regular Savings Account.

Goldenaire’s Club

Our Goldenaire’s Club Accounts are for members age 55 and older who keep at least $2,000 in their savings account and have direct deposit set up to the account. These members will receive free perks, including free phone transfers, free wire transfers and free money orders.

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