Stop interest rate hike worries and transfer your loans to our Inflation Protection Loan. Over the past few months the Federal Reserve has been increasing interest  rates, with more increases expected in the months ahead. It’s a great time to lock in low loan rates before future rates increase. Do you have loans at another institution, or need a loan in the near future? Call us at 248-624-5222, and we can help get you in a cost effective loan before future rate increases take place. Act fast because this offer expires 9/15/2022.

Special Offer
Borrow for up to 120 months. 
Borrow up to $20,000 per signature.
Lock in a special rate of 6.50% APR.* 
Reduce the rate by 0.50% APR if you set up direct deposit or automatic payments. 

Apply Now

*APR = Annual Percentage Rate. Terms and conditions may apply. Offer expires 9/15/22.

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